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Somehow I have made it to a 6th wedding anniversary. I’m not entirely sure how! So, in the spirit of celebration I’ve reflected on my marriage and did a bit of research on what is required to achieve / maintain marital bliss.

After reading a few articles on Google I’ve selected a few ‘top tips’ on what’s important to maintain a happy marriage and listed them below along with the reality of how this actually plays out in my marriage in real life.  So, let me set the scene…

Here I am, sitting on my sofa eating toasted pita bread lathered in humus and cream cheese for dinner (at present my husband is downing pints in a pub somewhere.  Don’t worry it’s not our anniversary today, he’s not a monster), watching an episode of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ where they have just served slow roasted lamb, buttery polenta with a warm carrot salad and kale pesto (whilst simultaneously typing ‘Is Kale Hipster Food?’ in to Google). Clearly I’m winning at married life / life in general.

So what are these top tips that every Google article tells you is key to a happy marriage.  Here are my top four picks:

  •  In a good solid marriage everything is 50/50. I couldn’t agree more, in my marriage I cook; he eats. I wash; he wears – you get where I’m going with this.


  • Trust is extremely important. I share all my secrets with my husband and I know he will never tell anyone because he never actually listens to me in the first place.


  • Honesty and communication is also vital in your marriage. According to my husband I have an alter ego (at least he is being honest) which he has named ‘Sammy the Snake’ as a result of my venomous responses when I am pissed off with him (at least I am communicating, even if I am spitting).


  • Decision making as a team is vital.  Most of our decision making is done as we lie in bed (with a terrible hangover from a night out and a mouth like Ghandi’s flip flop) playing rock, paper, scissors on who has to do the coffee run (actually thinking about it this is how most decision making in our marriage is done).


And there you have it folks.  Now what will you do with all these pearls of wisdom?!

P.S. Luke if you are reading this, for the love of God take the bins out!! Oh and Happy Anniversary.


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