Valentine Schmaletine

Valentine’s Day, you either love it or loath it and I’m somewhere in the middle.  This is mainly down to the fact that I was born on Valentine’s Day, as was my little sister and no we aren’t twins.  Megan was born on my 10th birthday and I vaguely remember asking if we could send her back as she wasn’t really what I wanted for my birthday.  These days I really couldn’t think of anyone better to share a birthday with, it has made our bond that much more special.


Here are a few things I’ve learned about celebrating a birthday on Valentine’s Day:

  • Whenever someone wishes you Happy Birthday you find yourself saying ‘and Happy Valentine’s Day to you’
  • Everyone gets flowers on your birthday, it’s not far off being like an Opera Winfrey show… ‘you get flowers and you get flowers and…’
  • Your single friends love you even more on Valentine’s Day.  Birthday drinks on Valentine’s Day.  Enough said.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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