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I don’t exactly have a style secret to share but hear me out.

This week I became one of those people who stands in front of a colourful wall asking their significant other to produce a photograph that will (hopefully) send their Instagram feed in to overdrive. Sadly this did not happen for me, here’s why…

  • My significant other has many amazing talents, sadly composing a photograph is not one of them.
  • I get really uncomfortable in front of the camera in public, especially when I’m having to pose for the snap. The longer it takes the more awkward I look – see image below. (I’ve discounted your average night out, after a few tequila shots photographs, as everyone is far more relaxed in those).
  • My dress sense isn’t exactly screaming fashionista
  • I didn’t post the image on my Instagram feed **Actually I decided to post the photo in the end**

Nonetheless, as I found a pretty wall down Havelock Walk and I’m trying to be consistent on the blogging front I thought I’d put together a post on my new favourite trainers. A great purchase from ASOS and I’ve had loads of people commenting on them which is great but it’s also made me realise that to keep producing fashion content I actually need to have a wardrobe that doesn’t consist mainly of black clothing and I may need to purchase at least a handful of fashion forward clothing. It might be time to start a wish list of some sort or just beg a personal stylist like Katie Powell to work her magic on my very limited wardrobe! Eat you heart out Vogue!

P.S. Have looked at many Instagram feeds and blogs, apparently this is how one should pose for a fashion snap. (Pardon the roots, I’m hitting up the hairdresser soon)


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