How to make a Mannequin Lamp : Part 1 découpage

About a year ago I bought a mannequin (well more than one but I really shouldn’t be admitting this in a blog) with the idea of turning it in to a lamp for my living room.  At the time I remember feeling quite smug but I can assure you that smugness died down quickly when I was on the train carrying said mannequin in a black bin bag whilst constantly knocking it against the floor, the seats and people in general. It didn’t help that on that day in particular I had the worst commute home consisting of 4 train changes and a bus from Denmark Hill. Regardless, 2 and a bit hours later (parched and hungry) I arrived home with my new purchase.


A year later, I’ve still only completed the first stage but I’ve been feeling a little inspired recently so project mannequin is back on!

Materials needed:

  • Mod Podge découpage glue.I bought mine off ebay and you can pick up some for our £4 a pot
  • Foam brush set to apply the glue. Again off ebay and around £2 for 3 brushes
  • Découpage paper. I love travelling so I found some great vintage inspired map wrapping paper from notonthehighstreet.com from around £3 per sheet

If you can listen past my annoying voice, here is a quick how to video of step one.




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