My first blogging award

This month I received my very first blogging award, The Liebster Award! It’s an award given to bloggers by other bloggers and the idea is to discover and promote new bloggers in the community.

I was nominated by the lovely Sabrina over at Severn Wishes so do check out her blog when you get a chance.

The Rules

  • Post 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator has asked you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask them 11 other questions
  • Let them know that you’ve nominated them

Don’t forget to add the links for the blogger who nominated you and the bloggers you are nominating at the end of the post!

11 interesting facts about me

  • My name is spelt with an ‘S’ – Roxsanne instead of Roxanne
  • I was born on Valentines Day and my sister was born on my 10th birthday
  • I represented South Africa at Karate when I was younger and can run 100 metres in 12 seconds
  • I can rap the song ‘Alphabet Aerobics’
  • I started school a year earlier than everyone else in my school year
  • I’ve run a marathon
  • I’ve eaten a sheepshead (eyes and brains included) which was part of a challenge on a blog I started in 2014
  • I’ve met and worked with David Hasselhof and he sang the song Roxanne to me
  • I’ve worked with Ken Paves who is Victoria Beckham’s hairdresser
  • I’ve done a bungee jump and will probably never do one again!
  • I moved to England when I was 20

Here are the 11 Questions I was asked:

  • How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I originally started blogging in 2014.  My blog was very niche as I asked friends, family and the blogosphere to help me compile a list of 364 ‘challenges’ (one for every day) for me to do before I turned 30.  Some of the suggestions were absolutely crazy and I only managed to complete around 220 of the 364 challenges.  The toughest challenge I completed was running a marathon.  After my 30th I stopped blogging and only started up again this year with a beauty and lifestyle blog.

  • What are your hobbies?

I enjoy photography and play field hockey for a club in London

  • Which Movie is your all time favourite?
This is a tough one because I have so many but Dirty Dancing is definitely up there for me.
  • What are your favourite foods?
I absolutely love Thai food and even did a cooking course when I was in Thailand a few years back.
  • How many Countries have you been to?
I have been lucky enough to visit 17 different countries and this year I’m heading to another 4 countries.  If money wasn’t a factor I would visit every single country in the world.
  • Do you have any Pets?
I don’t have any pets but would love to get a dog.
  • What is your main Goal for 2017 (can be blogging or personal)?
My blogging goals are to post more regularly and set up a newsletter.  I’m working on a few new personal goals.
  • Do you have a Favourite Song for up to this stage of your life?
Again, there are so many songs that I love but one song in particular would have to be Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits.
  • What was your Favourite Subject at School?
Biology was my favourite subject.
  • If you could have lived in any era and gone to dinner with any icon, when and who would it be?
Dinner with Albert Einstein or Elvis Presley would be on my list.  In terms of an era, the 70’s appeals to me mostly because people where more carefree.
  • What would be your perfect weekend?
A weekend at the beach or near the ocean in a hot climate surrounded by my family and close friends.
My 11 questions for the nominees:
  • Which beauty product can you not live without
  • What is your favourite beauty brand
  • How often do you post a new blog post
  • One piece of blogging advice you think everyone should know
  • Three post suggestions for anyone who gets writers block
  • If there was one place you could travel too where would you go and why
  • What is the last thing you bought
  • What is the strangest food you have ever eaten
  • What is at the top of your bucket list
  • Heals or flats
  • Why did you start blogging

Here are my 11 nominees, please join me in supporting these unique and wonderful bloggers:

1. Leilani with her Macquillage with Leilani blog
2. Rosy with her Sparkles of Light blog
3. Tina with her Haute and savvy blog
4. Ciara with her Cool things I love blog
5. Estefania with her Cocoa 1 sparkle blog
6. Sarah with her Pale Princess blog
7. Lucy with her Lucy J Beaumont blog
8. Amber with her Red Lipstick Blondie blog
9. Paige with her Paige Margaret blog
10. Lucy with her Lucy Dorling Beauty blog
11. Lucy with her Lucy’s Choice blog



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