The ultimate New Year’s Resolution for 2018

If my 12 Beauty Days of Christmas is anything to go by, I definitely shouldn’t set myself any New Year’s Resolutions.  Here’s why:

The ultimate New Year’s Resolution for 2018

Every year I find that I set myself a ridiculous list of goals to achieve the following year. I tend not to break these massive goals down in to achievable actions or timelines and inevitably fail every year, which makes me feel pretty shit about myself.  Aside from that I know I have changed so much in the past year so who is to say that my goals won’t change over the next year?  Sound familiar?

I don’t think it is realistic to only set yourself goals on one particular day every year – especially when that day is (most likely) at the back end of a 3 week ‘Festive Period’ bender.  You’re feeling pretty low, pigs in blankets have now become a staple part of your 5 a day and to top it off you have probably woken up with a massive hangover.  I could not think of a worse way to get my creative juices and motivation flowing.

I’m not going to outline some incredible strategy for me to follow to try and achieve the best New Year’s Resolution ever (I would rebel against it anyway).  What I will say is that ‘A year from now you may wish you had started today’ so whatever day it is, whatever year it is… just start.  You don’t need a yearlong build up before you action something and you certainly don’t need something bad to happen in your life for you to start planning something good.

Take the lead and carve out whatever path you wish to take in 2018 and if that happens to includes a list of New Year’s Resolutions,  then so be it.


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