Why this #askInkey quiz is changing the future of skincare

The #askInkey service may only have launched on the 14th April but it’s been so popular, the team are creating a new recipe every minute! It’s bespoke beauty offerings like this which are challenging (and changing) the future of skincare. So, how does it work…

With my skincare stash slowly depleting (courtesy of my lockdown life skincare routines. I mean why stop at a morning and evening routine), I decided to see what all the Inkey List fuss was about.

Founded back in 2018 by dynamic duo, Colette Laxton and Mark Curry, this brand has been disrupting the skincare world ever since. Products are priced under £20, with many under £10, which makes investing in a full skincare routine a viable option. Throw in the #askInkey service offer and you’ve on your a winning combination.

Ask Inkey

If you have a burning skincare question, contact the team on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, email, live chat on their website (or even over the phone) or you can do what I did and use the Inkey Recipe Builder. It’s essentially a mini quiz about your skin and the concerns you want to address. Once you’ve answered the questions, a personalised skincare recipe of products lands in your inbox.

The skin concerns my recipes was based on

You have the choice of buying the recommended products or individual items to add to your existing routine. I ended up getting the majority of the recommended products along with a few ‘treatment products’ I was curious about.

I’ve only been using the products for a week but a few things have impressed me so far:

Q10 – A powerful antioxidant

I love the packaging – simple and effective. Each product is named after the raw ingredient and includes the ingredient definition as well as clear instructions on how to use. They also offer hints and tips – like this one on how to layer.

The Inkey List Packaging

Additional tips like the one I noticed when I first used the Vitamin C, explained that if I had sensitive skin the tingly sensation might be more intense and that if that was to happen that I should mix in a drop of Hyaluronic Acid. As it turns out, I didn’t enjoy the level of tingling on my first application. This could easily have put me off using the product again.

As first impressions go, the brand has definitely got my attention. Let’s see how the next month goes.


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