Earth Candle have planted 2000 trees and I’m here for it!

I’ll get straight to the point. Earth Candle have not paid me to write anything about them I entered online to be a tester for the brand.

The short version; I was sent FREE samples to test in exchange for completing 2 surveys. The first survey asked for brutal feedback to the founder. The second survey asked for reviews on individual candles and stated that the reviews may be use across digital and social. No, I did not love every scent and yes there were problems with a few of the wicks but I genuinely think this brand has a lot going for it! Don’t take my word for it though, read on and decide for yourself.

Earth Candle
Earth Candle Autumn Winter Collection

Earth Candle | The WHY

The founder, Hannah was devastated by the ongoing destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and she decided it was time to help. Planting a rainforest became her ambition so in the summer of 2020 she started making small batches of soy wax candles in her kitchen, testing out scents on friends and family.  

Earth Candle | The WHAT

  • Each eco-friendly, zero waste candles
  • Glass jars and aluminium lids
  • Sustainably grown soy wax – which is biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Cruelty-free and vegan fragrance oils – to make your candles smell exquisite
  • Paper labels – made from 100% recycled waste
  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Shredded paper waste for padding
  • Paper tape
  • A thank you note made from seed paper to plant in your garden. The aim is that as the flowers grow, it reminds you that when it comes to sustainability, every effort count

Earth Candle | The NOW

Hannah is an official reforestation partner with One Tree Planted which means that for every Earth Candle purchased, a tree gets planted in the Amazon Rainforest. So far, 2000 trees haver been planted thanks to Earth Candle and that number keeps growing!

Earth Candle
Seed Paper ‘Thank You’ Note from Earth Candle

Earth Candle | The Review 

After aimlessly scrolling Instagram one evening, I stumble upon this brand and noticed they were looking for candle testers. I really liked the look of the brand so I applied. I was pretty stoked when I received an email to say I had been selected as one of the testers! A few days later a package arrived at my door! 

The box contained Earth Candles new Autumn Winter Collection. First impressions only, here’s what I loved in a sentence before I review each scent. The seed paper ‘Thank You’ note gave me all kinds of good vibes, it reinforces the brands eco-friendly mission all whilst subtly educating and reminding the consumer that every effort counts when it comes to sustainability. The packaging was on point and recyclable and the gorgeous smell from the candles when I opened the box made me want to light them immediately! So on to each candle – did they live up to the initial hype? 

Pumpkin Spice

This one surprised me! I would never actually buy a Pumpkin Spice scented candle. To me, anything ‘Pumpkin’ screams ‘I have my shit together’ and do things like hosting cheese and wine evenings on the regular (and I’m not talking about the bottle you got from Tesco for a fiver). But here I am, shit very much not together, preaching to the choir. I’m an absolute convert. Who am I?!

Pumpkin Spice Candle

Cashmere and Musk

Out of the four candles I tried, this was one my second favourite! Unfortunately, the candle was let down by the wick which kept burning itself out. A real shame as candle itself smells absolutely gorgeous. The founder, Hannah, was kind enough to send me a second sample of this candle – THANK YOU!

Cashmere + Musk

Sandalwood + Vanilla 

I absolutely LOVE this candle. I even had a friend comment that the house smelled absolutely gorgeous, when he popped over for dinner recently (I had been burning the Sandalwood + Vanilla candle). It’s pure luxury and I love the crackling noise of the wooden wick. I would absolutely recommend this candle to any of my mates or buy it for them as a gift. 

Sandalwood + Vanilla

Mulled Wine

I love drinking a mulled wine but I can’t say I’m a fan of a mulled wine scented candle. I was slightly underwhelmed by this candle. It had a strong sweet smell on opening, once lit it seemed to not pack a punch but then left an overpowering sweet smell in the room after burning. If you don’t mind candles with a sweet smell, this might be for you but it’s definitely not for me. I found it rather vanilla against the other candles in the collection.

Mulled Wine

Finally, let’s not ignore the wooden wick! they are game changers! So much so that even my husband (who never comments on anything) said he quite liked the crackling noise of candles burning.

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